Getting Treatment for Rosacea

Getting Treatment for Rosacea

When I was 28, I was official diagnosed with rosacea. It wasn''t that much of a shocker to tell you the truth - in my teens, it seemed my face was always red, redder than most, but it wasn''t like I had bad acne per se, not the type of acne that others had. It was something more. But I didn''t think too much of it, despite my peers constantly reminding me of it, straight up to my (red) face. God, people can be so cruel!

But for most of my teenage years, my family was without health insurance, so that meant that my "acne" sure as heck wasn''t something that we were going to pay out of pocket for! Everyone has acne, right? Besides, it''ll just go away with age.

Or so I thought. It didn''t. But it wasn''t just zits and pimples, it was redness, burning, itching. I knew from my own internet research I probably had rosacea. I finally bit the bullet and went in for treatment and was promptly diagnosed by a dermatologist that yes, just as I suspected, I had a form of rosacea.

Luckily, it''s not a severe case of rosacea. If it was, I''d be in trouble, as all that delay in my treatment for rosacea from my teens to age 28 could spell trouble for my treatment plan now.

Thank god I have insurance from my job these days, as rosacea treatment is not cheap. They''ve got me on a few prescription medicines and sometimes I use this gel called ZenMed, which works shockingly well, I''m pleased to say. The expensive stuff though is the laser work. Rosacea laser treatments are pricey, painful, but also very effective, so I actually look forward to them despite the expense and the high cost associated with them, even with insurance.

I''ve since learned that millions of people deal with the same problem of rosacea. Something like 50 million people have this skin problem, according to the Rosacea Treatment Guide, which isn''t fatal, just fatally unattractive I guess you could say. When I''m looking at my face and it''s red as a lady bug and I''m burning and itching, I''m not sure which is worse. My doctors think though that within a year, much of my rosacea treatments will have had time to take effect, particularly the laser treatment, and my face won''t be nearly as red. On top of this, I''ve learned all sorts of weird stuff about rosacea triggers which bring out my symptoms. Who would''ve thought that eating yogurt can make your eyes itch? It''s a strange world we live in! But I''ll gladly trade in my yogurt for ridding my eyes of ocular rosacea any day.