3 Common Skin Diseases And Home Treatments

3 Common Skin Diseases And Home Treatments

Shingles is actually caused by the same virus that causes chicken-pox also. After a chicken-pox episode the virus turns into inactive. For some cause or another, it might become active again later on causing shingles symptoms. The rash and blisters formed in particular areas of the body are remarkably comparable to chicken-box. These blisters can be extremely itchy and unpleasant.

Shingles treatment at home: The most crucial thing to remember is not to scratch the blisters. This will just make the affliction more serious. One of the most successful natural home remedies for shingles is using baking soda blended with a little quantity of water. You can apply it directly to the affected area. In the case that blisters burst, you can use hydrogen peroxide in order to reduce itching as well as to prevent the affliction spreading.


Eczema appears as an itchy and dry red rash on the sufferers skin. Usually, eczema eruption shows up around the joint areas. The affliction is not infectious. The data about the causes of eczema is still scarce. However, strain as well as climate has been connected with the flare-ups.

Home treatment: Relief from itching can be found by applying baby diaper rash cream directly to the influenced locations. However, this doesn’t cure eczema.

Some studies have shown that rubbing oranges to the rash on a routine basis can be rather useful remedy for eczema. Additionally, kiwi fruit can have a similar effect. In some situations, these techniques have even cured the eruption completely.

Cold Sores

Regularly showing up on or around the mouth, cold sores are tiny but uncomfortable fluid filled blisters that usually last a week or longer. They are very contagious and can be induced by anxiety, fever, hormone changes or also over exposure to the sunlight. Although home treatments are able to aid, if the sores contain pus then you really should meet a specialist.

Home treatments: Vitamins C and B complex are shown to aid with cold sores. You must take at the very least 1 g of these vitamins every day. Additionally, consuming adequate amount of water is vital. One little bit uncomfortable yet remarkably quick treatment is applying salt directly to the affected location.

Eventually though, effective hygiene is the best preventive medicine against skin conditions, and just keeping the skin clear and preserving a healthy regimen can assist prevent skin afflictions from developing.